Tuesday, May 17, 2011

We're Going Broke

Because she has lost three teeth in 24 hours.

Sunday, October 3, 2010

Hunting Camp

I'm proud to say I attended hunting camp this year. We camped all of about five miles up the road (which makes running home quite convenient, especially when you forget EVERYTHING). Doug gets the kids up around 4:30 and makes enough noise that I wake up and just happen to help him - even with my ear plugs in I still hear him. But its good that I get up to help because each kid has about a bazillion pieces of clothing and socks and shoes and gloves and hats.....and then has to go potty. They embark on their hunt and I go back to sleep. Its quite lovely. We then spend the rest of the day hanging out, reading, napping, and this year we took a trip over the mountain road to Leavenworth. We return and they head out again while I, the good wife that I am, prepare dinner......right after I return from running home to get all the ingredients.

Thursday, September 9, 2010

Farewell, Summer

We started the summer with the building of a chicken coop What was supposed to take a weekend took a good six weeks. That's how things go around here.
We watched some softball. Usually on a cold day.
A little girl turned six.
And a boy turned eight
Doug took the kids camping. I'm a high maintenance camper and do not sleep on the ground. One of the kids even said "mommy would have come with us if there would have been a road to bring the trailer." I'm glad I've made myself clear.

The kids participated in a Cowboy-themed VBS. Doug was one of the leaders, fondly known as "Rusty Nails."
We hung out by the water.
We went blueberry picking with the cousins. Nobody came home until their bucket was FULL!

We played in the river (of course)
And those chickens finally laid some eggs!

Saturday, May 15, 2010

Look What She Can Do.

Warning - these pictures suck. It was dusk and she was a moving target....

A little bit of this
And a few of these
Quickly turned into this

This Little Girl

Just turned nine

Thursday, April 29, 2010

Was that supposed to hurt?

I decided today I really love Versed and Demerol. Together. With a splash of nitrous oxide. Ahhh. I found my happy place.

I went in this morning to have my wisdom teeth removed. I've spent the past two weeks hearing EVERYONE'S horror stories of how they couldn't eat for three weeks, the pain kept them up for two days straight, vomiting, spitting up blood, dry socket, infection, swollen faces....etc, etc, etc. My insurance agent even told me her story.

The worst part of this entire experience was working the night shift last night and being REALLY hungry because I didn't want to eat, then aspirate and die in a dentist office. Besides, my friend from nursing school was giving me the anesthesia and she'd feel really bad if she killed me. Which would make me feel bad. Even though I'd be dead. But back to the story.

Three teeth removed (thank you, Jesus, for only giving me three), home to sleep, then up this evening and feeling AWESOME. I think the infection I had in my mouth last week was WAY worse than this. A little Vicodin and ibuprofen, and I'm good to go.