Friday, May 30, 2008

Two Lucky Ducks

Here at the Eisenhard Poultry Farm, we've acquired two new additions. We are the proud owners of ducks now. It seemed like such a good idea when I said "yes" a few weeks ago. Its actually quite stinky now. My vote, though, is for the ducks. I wouldn't get any more chicks, but the ducks are sooooo cute! At any rate, it is a fun learning experience for us all. And the kids are taking good care of them.

Wednesday, May 28, 2008

You Are 53% Feminist

You aren't a total traditionalist when it comes to gender roles. But you're no feminist either.

You generally think that women should be treated as equals, but you're not convinced the world should be gender neutral.

Sunday, May 25, 2008


Doug and Ty made a make-shift chicken coop last week. Good father-son project. They did a great job, and I think Ty did most of the hammering. There were a few small oversights if I could be so critical.
1. Chicken wire is hard to cut in the right place. It's wire, you know, and no matter where you cut, there's a pointy end. Wire pokes holes in hands. Ask me how I know.
2. There's a door missing. This occurred to me two nights ago when I was going to change the water. I lifted up the coop to grab the water container and three chicks escaped. That wouldn't be such a big deal if - a)the bird dog wasn't standing right there and b)chickens didn't run sooooo fast. I spent a good half hour chasing the little suckers around the garage. I got two of them with the help of the dog's mouth (they survived). The third one spent the night in the garage, terrified, stuck behind the freezer. I finally decided I needed to go to bed and the little monster could just sit there all night for all I cared! The next morning I sat next to the coop until it got close enough and then I lifted up the coop ever so slowly, keeping a close eye on the others, and the escapee walked back in. Lesson learned.

My little slave

#12 I'm thankful for my son who LOVES to work!

Today Ty asked to mow the lawn (where did I get a child like this) Hmm..... Let me think about that. OK!!! He wanted a little coaching which I appreciated instead of the "I know what I'm doing using this machine with a motor and a blade!" And he had the healthy fear of cutting something like his feet off, too, which was another good sign.

So, off we went. I tried to show him that he needed to keep one wheel over the "line" where he mowed. That didn't sink in the way I had hoped. He only missed a few spots....

Tuesday, May 20, 2008


#11 I'm thankful for my Prince Charming who goes out of his way to take care of his princess.

So, this morning I arose early to take care of my family in my most Proverbs 31 way. I headed off to the store to get groceries before everyone woke up. I took my husband's car because the kids were playing in mine and left a dome light on for three days and killed the battery. No problem, right?


When I finished my labor of love, I climbed back into the truck that just so happened to be parked in the very front of the parking lot, strangely close to the doors. Turn the key. Click, click, click (you know the sound). No "ding-dong" from the door. No clock read out. Dead battery. Very dead battery. And now it all makes sense why there was no clock read out on the way to the store.

Oh, and did I mention my cell phone was VERY CLOSE TO DEAD also???? I had one bar, and it was blinking. It has never blinked before so I think that means it was really close to giving up. But I think Jesus made it last. I called the husband who was still resting his gorgeous eyes. I left the message that if he couldn't find me today it was because I was stuck in the Safeway parking lot.

So I sat. I prayed that I would see someone I knew that could help me. And then I prayed that I wouldn't because I was so embarrassed. No one came. Doug finally called. Oh, and as fate would have it, his cell phone was almost dead, too!!!!

The neighbors were all slumbering, too. He called his friend, George, who came to the rescue to jump the battery at the house. Doug had him go there because he thought I might be crying and didn't want me to be embarrassed! What a guy! (how did he know?) Then he hauled all the kids to the car, passed through the gas station because I was empty and came to my rescue.

The drama continues, though. He started home. I went in another direction to pick up a playdate for Maddy. And he calls my dying phone from his dying phone and says his car is dead....again. Long story short, there were a lot of jumper cables involved and a new battery. And now? The cars work like charms. There's a clock read out, and I have three bars on my cell phone!!!! I love my husband! As I sat I had a lot of time to think about what I would do without him. I'd probably still be sitting there.....

Friday, May 16, 2008


Today I met up with three friends for a pedicure which I REALLY DESERVED. We get together to celebrate eachothers' birthdays four times a year. We've done this since we had really little ones. Its been a great bonding time and a fun tradition to have. We all used to be really close. We had lots of playdates together and did almost everything social together. Its funny how our paths have all gone separate ways. Five years ago I wouldn't have imagined we'd be where we are today. One of the great things about being an adult is that you can have friends like that, that cross your path, and sometimes your lives head in opposite directions, but then you can reconnect with your feet in a hot, soapy tub and pick up where you left off.

One of the ladies is expecting another baby. That's kind of weird, too, because I think we all thought there wouldn't be any more ultrasound pics to share, but she pulled a fast one on us! It just feels like we're out of that stage in life. I can't imagine going back to babyhood! It will be fun to hear her baby stories again... and not be the one with the spit-up on her shirt.

I must say, though, and I've told her this, that I'm slightly jealous. I'm very excited for her, but I want that fourth kid soooooo badly! I feel like sometimes it will never happen. And being in this move has just delayed things further. Oh, well. I suppose God knew this all along (ya think). And, again, that "perfect timing" thing comes in.

My toes look fabulous, by the way. And they scraped off a ton of skin. Love that part. Don't really care for the Vietnamese torture, though, when they shove that metal cleaning tool WAAAAYYYY up under the nail. (Note to readers - nothing against Vietnamese. I wouln't like it if a white girl was doing it, either)

Wednesday, May 14, 2008

How can a week possibly have gone by so quickly? I realize its been seven days since I last posted. I do try to post more often. But I never feel like I have much to say. I'll work on that.

Been packing. Not fun. I don't remember moving being this stressful last time. Probably because I only had two little ones, they took naps, and nobody was expected to be schooled!

Oh, and we are the proud owners of five chicks. I caught our bird dog looking over them today - or should I say Looking them over - and she was licking her chops. I'm not sure these birds have a real long life ahead of them. It is a lesson on the food chain, though... We will try to untrain the bird dog.

Doug has been looking up plans for a chicken coop. This is the one we have in mind.

We'll be heading up to the new house this weekend to continue the deconstruction/reconstruction. I probably should share pictures, but its so ugly right now. We're almost ready to put in the new cupboards, but in the meantime we ripped out the main bathroom (brilliant, I know). No kitchen, and down one bathroom. WILL WE EVER BE ABLE TO MOVE IN?!?!?!?

Its supposed to be in the high 90s this weekend so:
1. The sudden warming may cause the river to overflow the bank and flood our yard. (I know, live next to a river and still have to complain!)
2. We're setting up the slip and slide.
3. I have no summer clothes.

Until next week....

Wednesday, May 7, 2008

Start Packing

Looks like the house sold! Its not a done deal quite yet, but it appears we should start filling those boxes. I need to get it done anyway. I mean, even if this doesn't work out, we're still moving eventually! My procrastination WILL NOT get the best of me. So now Nanny's house will be invaded with the entire family.

Friday, May 2, 2008

Happy Birthday, Brooklyn

Brooklyn is seven today. What the heck has happened! Its flying by waaaay too quickly. Today she told me "don't worry, mom. I wont have a short kid life. I hope God makes my kid life really long." I hope she's right. She's our little drama queen, and as dramatic as she is, she brings us such joy and fun and laughter. We love you, Brooklyn! You're our favorite oldest daughter!