Tuesday, May 20, 2008


#11 I'm thankful for my Prince Charming who goes out of his way to take care of his princess.

So, this morning I arose early to take care of my family in my most Proverbs 31 way. I headed off to the store to get groceries before everyone woke up. I took my husband's car because the kids were playing in mine and left a dome light on for three days and killed the battery. No problem, right?


When I finished my labor of love, I climbed back into the truck that just so happened to be parked in the very front of the parking lot, strangely close to the doors. Turn the key. Click, click, click (you know the sound). No "ding-dong" from the door. No clock read out. Dead battery. Very dead battery. And now it all makes sense why there was no clock read out on the way to the store.

Oh, and did I mention my cell phone was VERY CLOSE TO DEAD also???? I had one bar, and it was blinking. It has never blinked before so I think that means it was really close to giving up. But I think Jesus made it last. I called the husband who was still resting his gorgeous eyes. I left the message that if he couldn't find me today it was because I was stuck in the Safeway parking lot.

So I sat. I prayed that I would see someone I knew that could help me. And then I prayed that I wouldn't because I was so embarrassed. No one came. Doug finally called. Oh, and as fate would have it, his cell phone was almost dead, too!!!!

The neighbors were all slumbering, too. He called his friend, George, who came to the rescue to jump the battery at the house. Doug had him go there because he thought I might be crying and didn't want me to be embarrassed! What a guy! (how did he know?) Then he hauled all the kids to the car, passed through the gas station because I was empty and came to my rescue.

The drama continues, though. He started home. I went in another direction to pick up a playdate for Maddy. And he calls my dying phone from his dying phone and says his car is dead....again. Long story short, there were a lot of jumper cables involved and a new battery. And now? The cars work like charms. There's a clock read out, and I have three bars on my cell phone!!!! I love my husband! As I sat I had a lot of time to think about what I would do without him. I'd probably still be sitting there.....


Dawn said...

Oh...Delena...I'm so sorry that happened to you this morning- how frustrating! You told the story so well(great writing). You do have a pretty great husband. I love that he figured you would probably be crying and didn't want to embarrass you- that was so sweet.

Melissa said...

hahahahah....I mean that in the nicest way. I LOVE Delena adventures!!

Score points for Doug...awesome husband on many counts. Rick and I would've been lecturing each other rather than showing compassion. :)