Friday, May 16, 2008


Today I met up with three friends for a pedicure which I REALLY DESERVED. We get together to celebrate eachothers' birthdays four times a year. We've done this since we had really little ones. Its been a great bonding time and a fun tradition to have. We all used to be really close. We had lots of playdates together and did almost everything social together. Its funny how our paths have all gone separate ways. Five years ago I wouldn't have imagined we'd be where we are today. One of the great things about being an adult is that you can have friends like that, that cross your path, and sometimes your lives head in opposite directions, but then you can reconnect with your feet in a hot, soapy tub and pick up where you left off.

One of the ladies is expecting another baby. That's kind of weird, too, because I think we all thought there wouldn't be any more ultrasound pics to share, but she pulled a fast one on us! It just feels like we're out of that stage in life. I can't imagine going back to babyhood! It will be fun to hear her baby stories again... and not be the one with the spit-up on her shirt.

I must say, though, and I've told her this, that I'm slightly jealous. I'm very excited for her, but I want that fourth kid soooooo badly! I feel like sometimes it will never happen. And being in this move has just delayed things further. Oh, well. I suppose God knew this all along (ya think). And, again, that "perfect timing" thing comes in.

My toes look fabulous, by the way. And they scraped off a ton of skin. Love that part. Don't really care for the Vietnamese torture, though, when they shove that metal cleaning tool WAAAAYYYY up under the nail. (Note to readers - nothing against Vietnamese. I wouln't like it if a white girl was doing it, either)


Melissa said...

I don't even know who your pg friend is, but I'M jealous too. I always feel that way when I hear someone's pg....what does this mean? Do I really want more, or is it just such a magical time of life I can't help feel wistful? I dont' know.

Can't wait to see your toes...will I see them tomorrow evening?

Dawn said...

I've got to admit to the jealousy thing to..about the pregnant friend AND the toes. :)

Wentworth Family Blog said...

well I have to be honest, I am not jealous of your prego friend. not one bit! I get all excited about hearing such wonderful news but personally I think number 4 would push me over the edge.