Sunday, May 25, 2008


Doug and Ty made a make-shift chicken coop last week. Good father-son project. They did a great job, and I think Ty did most of the hammering. There were a few small oversights if I could be so critical.
1. Chicken wire is hard to cut in the right place. It's wire, you know, and no matter where you cut, there's a pointy end. Wire pokes holes in hands. Ask me how I know.
2. There's a door missing. This occurred to me two nights ago when I was going to change the water. I lifted up the coop to grab the water container and three chicks escaped. That wouldn't be such a big deal if - a)the bird dog wasn't standing right there and b)chickens didn't run sooooo fast. I spent a good half hour chasing the little suckers around the garage. I got two of them with the help of the dog's mouth (they survived). The third one spent the night in the garage, terrified, stuck behind the freezer. I finally decided I needed to go to bed and the little monster could just sit there all night for all I cared! The next morning I sat next to the coop until it got close enough and then I lifted up the coop ever so slowly, keeping a close eye on the others, and the escapee walked back in. Lesson learned.


Dawn said...

Those little chicks are so cute, and your new blog header photo is beautiful. If you ever want to go into the egg selling've got a customer here :)

Julie said...

I got a good chuckle from picturing you running around after chickens :) Ahhh... another fond Delena memory... remember our motorcycle ride through your neighbors orchard at the age of 12?!?! What was I thinking?? "Want to go for a ride?" Says Delena as she hops on and starts up the motorcycle... "OK" says Julie, at least I got to wear the helmet! HA!

Queen Mimi said...

Can I just Say that I LOVE to read your Blog? This has been such a fun journey to partake with you and Dawn, and Darci. I've also visited a few other sites. I would have loved for an avenue and rescource of Blogging when I was a young Mom.
You girls Are Amazing.

Melissa said...

soooo fun!!! What a cool project.

Poor wittle chicky all alone in the garage. :)