Sunday, March 21, 2010


We found a fun craft to do from Family Fun magazine. We built treehouses. This was So. Much. Fun! I bought what I thought to be a big bag of balsa wood and a bag of tongue depressors to go with what I thought was a ton of hot glue. We gathered the sticks for the "trees" and drilled a little hole in some scrap wood and then started gluing.

I'll admit it - its probably more my dream than my kids to have a tree house, but they're getting one anyway. I had to build a life-like model (above) so Doug knows what to build here (below). Notice the little man in the picture shooting the turkey. That was an addition from the son. But it fits around here.

Saturday, March 20, 2010

Character Flaws

Not proud of this one. Just keepin' it real.

I laugh at people's pain. That's not true. I laugh at the situations that cause people's pain. I like to think of it as "seeing the humor in every situation." My husband disagrees.

So today, pretending I worked at Supercuts, I was cutting Ty's hair. I'm no pro but I can get by. Don't know what happened exactly, but suddenly there was what I like to call a "haircut malfunction," a rather short spot on the side of his head. I've seen much worse, but this was definitely a "don't go in public without a hat" kind of mistake. I gasped and then started giggling. And then started laughing. Poor Ty had a very nervous look on his face. But I couldn't control the laughter. Doug walked in and bopped me on the head for making such a TERRIBLE (and I do mean terrible) mistake. (for the record, don't take "bopped" too seriously).

All morning I giggled about the mistake and I DON'T KNOW WHY!!!! Why must I laugh at things like that!!!! Or when Doug was violently ill and barely made it home before he was hurling in the bushes outside our house. He vomits so barbarically I was certain I saw the neighbors peeking through their curtains. Naturally, I started laughing. To the point of being unable to help him because I couldn't stand up.

And then there was the time I was in a dark theater with my sister, sister-in-law and my brother who had stepped out for a moment. When he returned, the three of us girls watched as he walked past us to the seats a few rows down, through the three "strangers" and sat down next to them before he realized they weren't us. (He claims its because he didn't have his glasses. Seriously?) We all started giggling. And giggling. And giggling. You know the serious part of Mrs. Doubtfire when Robbin Williams gets his kids taken away? Yeah, that's when it happened. We were laughing soooo hard, tears were streaming down our faces, the kind of stifled giggle that sounds like a cry - which was probably a good thing. I think we may have heard a "pipe down up there" from somewhere in the theater. I'm still laughing about it now.

I would tell more, but I've got to take Ty into town for some repair work.