Thursday, April 29, 2010

Was that supposed to hurt?

I decided today I really love Versed and Demerol. Together. With a splash of nitrous oxide. Ahhh. I found my happy place.

I went in this morning to have my wisdom teeth removed. I've spent the past two weeks hearing EVERYONE'S horror stories of how they couldn't eat for three weeks, the pain kept them up for two days straight, vomiting, spitting up blood, dry socket, infection, swollen faces....etc, etc, etc. My insurance agent even told me her story.

The worst part of this entire experience was working the night shift last night and being REALLY hungry because I didn't want to eat, then aspirate and die in a dentist office. Besides, my friend from nursing school was giving me the anesthesia and she'd feel really bad if she killed me. Which would make me feel bad. Even though I'd be dead. But back to the story.

Three teeth removed (thank you, Jesus, for only giving me three), home to sleep, then up this evening and feeling AWESOME. I think the infection I had in my mouth last week was WAY worse than this. A little Vicodin and ibuprofen, and I'm good to go.