Sunday, May 25, 2008

My little slave

#12 I'm thankful for my son who LOVES to work!

Today Ty asked to mow the lawn (where did I get a child like this) Hmm..... Let me think about that. OK!!! He wanted a little coaching which I appreciated instead of the "I know what I'm doing using this machine with a motor and a blade!" And he had the healthy fear of cutting something like his feet off, too, which was another good sign.

So, off we went. I tried to show him that he needed to keep one wheel over the "line" where he mowed. That didn't sink in the way I had hoped. He only missed a few spots....


Dawn said... sweet! He did a great job ;)

Julie said...

Oh I love the "after" picture! Great Job!! -- I wonder if he'll be this anxious to work when he's 16? :)

Melissa said...

he does better than I do!! I love that he wants to do stuff like that.