Saturday, February 21, 2009

I tried to be "that kind of mom" who makes all kinds of fun projects with her kids for, you know, nature or something. So I dragged the birdseed in from the garage, rummaged through the pans for a heart-shaped mold, and found a recipe for bird feeders. It looked like it was going to be a great project. But it sucked. They all fell apart. Oh well. Good times spent together mixing birdseed, flour and water.... and then dumping most of it on the floor instead of into the pans, but who's counting.
And when you have toes like this, who cares if you have to sweep up a little birdseed.


Dawn said...

That looks like a fun project. Too bad they fell apart. I doubt the birds really care though if their food is molded into cute little hearts. ;)
The toenails looks gorgeous!

Alicia said...

Ours fell apart too. :) We made baked birdseed cookies in lovely cookie molds and they were a mess. We shoveled them into hollowed out orange peels and hung them from the trees instead.

Just wandered over here from a blog link from a blog link from a blog link...

Fun blog. I've bookmarked you!

Oh, and fabulous toes.

Melissa said...

My mom uses lard or something to make suet "cakes"...would that make it stay together better? I'm sure they had a ball just going through the process....making a mess is fun!!

Cute toesies....I'm ready for a mid-winter pedi....if you ever decide to do anything with me ever again, I'm up for a pedi date.....hmmmmm maybe our book club should meet at V & Ks next time???

kristen said...

It looks like such a great project! I'll bet your kids had fun! :)

Love the toe nails!