Thursday, October 15, 2009

A few squares to share

A couple of still-not-so-well kids mixed with some very cool, rainy fall weather made for a great day to try some sewing with Brooklyn. She picked some material a few weeks ago and I just haven't taken the time to cut out a few measly squares. But today was the day.

Brooklyn rummaged through the scraps and found some great pieces. Then she ironed the material. I marked the squares. She cut them out. And then I stood over her at the sewing machine and grabbed the material every time it started to go crooked. And then I remembered the its her quilt and she will the learn how to sew a straight line the same way everyone else does. So I backed away. Until I saw the material going crooked. I just couldn't help myself! But I will say that it looks mighty fine.


Kristen said...

I LOVE that! Way to go to the both of you!

Dawn said...

Fabulous quilt Brooklyn!

Julie said...

Awesome!! Way to go Brooklyn :)

I would have grabbed the fabric too :)

Lisa said...

It looks great Brooklyn!! I too do the same things. I am teaching Avery to crochet and oh my I feel myself twitching when she gets all crazy and drops stitches. I give you BIG credit mama!!