Tuesday, February 19, 2008

This vaccuum sucks!

One of may favorite things to do is vaccuum (see side panel). If all the toys were picked up, I'd vaccuum twice a day at least. I love the look of the vaccuum tracks in the carpet and I'm consumed with clean carpet. What I really dislike is feeling crumbs and such under my feet, like broken pretzels sticking to my calloused heels.

It might have started when we had the carpets replaced. When we bought this house, I think the carpets were the original ones installed here. We pulled back the padding and there were PILES of sand and dirt. It looked like the beach. We could have buillt castles. So since then, my vaccuum "problem" has only intensified. Imagine my horror when I wore out our last vaccuum and had to borrow other people's vaccuums. You can't just keep someone's vaccuum for a week.

My dad told me he fixed this vaccuum which I had given him a couple of years ago because I thought it was such a piece of junk. Well, apparently he fixed it because it works awesome now and I love it! Supposedly when he took it apart, there was a three inch screw stuck up in there somewhere.....hmmmm.... wonder how that happened.


Dawn said...

I don't like to vacuum as much as you do, that's why I would prefer to have all wood floors but I do like that sucking sound you mentioned in the side bar :)

Melissa said...

I'm SOOO not into vacuuming...what is WRONG with you? Come to my house and vacuum for me----really, anytime is good!

Poppy & Mei said...

I vacuum at least once a day.
You have to 'round here cause we don't wear shoes inside & we sit on the floor all the time.
Vacuuming, it's a lifestyle...;P Xxx

Beck said...

You love to vaccuum? COME TO MY HOUSE. We need someone who can at least STAND to vaccuum around here.
Thanks for visiting me!