Wednesday, September 10, 2008

Country Living

So this is what living in the country is like. The picture isn't the best quality. But go ahead and click on it to get more of the effect.

The really sad part is that this is one of three fly strips that we filled! And there's many, many more to be caught. Sometimes, when we weren't paying attention, we'd run into them! SOOOOOO DISGUSTING!!!!!

Maybe I shouldn't admit this. One of those things you just keep to yourself. Don't tell anyone and let them know how you really live. But my closet is full of too many skeletons! Not enough room for things like "how many flies thrive because of your sloppiness?" I'd appreciate any comments that go somewhat like "That's nothing. You should see our fly strips" or "we can't see eachother through the black cloud of flies." Anyone?


Queen Mimi said...

It IS discusting. But it's also so necessary, or else the Flies would fly into the bread when the flour flies into it as well.
Love and Miss you.
Thanks for the comment you left me. I Love you very much and am so blessed to call you friend.

Dawn said...

O.k....I got a gross story (and it's true). We have a fruit tree outside outside our bathroom window and some of the fruit that we haven't picked yet is starting to rot-so it's a real fly magnet. Grace opened the bathroom window the other night when she was taking a shower, (no screen) and the flies were attracted to the light. When she got out...she screamed and said their were millions of bugs in there! I thought she was being dramatic but she was right. I took a wet rag and squished them all!

Melissa said...

creepy. those fly strips are so gross looking...little insect corpses swinging in the breeze.

Julie said...

Glad you're back blogging! I just love that you are the same Delena that I played "cookie shop" with in grade school... lowering the "cookies" on a string out your 2nd story bedroom window... ahhh... memories. Of course, reading your "banana bread" making blog, it made me think of the time we thought we could make something great by just throwing anything and everything into a big bowl in your kitchen... of course parentals got home too quick and you ran out and dumped the entire thing in the field out back... I guess your egg shells are a bit of payback :) ha! Good to hear from you! Julie

Chad the Chicken said...

Yum, yum.

Anonymous said...

In response to Julie's comment about your past endeavor's. Hanging cookies out the 2nd story window? Who knew. Obviously not me. Making something great. So that's what happened to all the eggs! By the way, why I am I just finding out about your family blog.