Thursday, October 16, 2008

I'm not dead

I've just been a little busy. But I'm back! Here's the abridged version of the last month of my life.

My beautiful girls.

A fabulous new Starbucks coffee drink I shared with some fantastic friends. It was a salted caramel hot chocolate. Note to self: buy a small one next time. And get a large water to go with it.

One of my kids' faces. They got ahold of my camera. I think its Madelyn.

All the homemade applesauce I made from some apples we stole from my neighbor's tree. (Okay, he said we could have them) I'm really getting into this country living. Do you see the smile?

The stolen apples.

A nest we lifted from the same apple tree. It made a great science lesson. I've never really looked closely at a bird nest. It is AMAZING what kind of engineering goes into a nest.

Brooklyn getting her ears pierced with Grandma.
The before:


That's all for now. Be back soon...... I promise.


Dawn said...

It's good to see you back! do you have internet now? I love the picture of all the apples, and how cool to have found a nest. ;)

Melissa said...

the pic of Brookie crying tore my heart brutes! :)

What a fun country life you're leading. (that was serious--not sarcastic. I know it's hard to tell sometimes)

Queen Mimi said...

I Love that you're back. Don't leave so long again next time. looks like you've been having Fun and busy all at the same time. Kinda sad looking at the Ear Piercing picture. But the end result is adorable. Hugs D!!
(word verification today: bouijz...sounds like Boys Brooklyn style if you ask me)
maybe I need to go to NY?!?

Chad the Chicken said...

LOL! Those pics are cute. Poor Brooklyn!

And yes, Pam, you do need to go to NYC. I'm moving there someday to male my debut on Broadway and also take over the music ministry at the Brooklyn Tabernacle. I'll shove that Carol Cymbala right off the platform!