Friday, November 14, 2008

Cameron Ty

Ty during his helmet phase. He wore his bike helmet EVERYWHERE including the bathtub.
Easter 2003. What a roly-poly.

I came across these pictures today and had to smile. They are from a time not so long ago. How can he be 6! Six used to seem so old. Ty is my sweet little boy. He's the sensitive one but all boy nonetheless. He loves to hunt and destroy. He has a collection of knives he's not supposed to get into unless he has permission. He's recently been jumping from heights that are way too high for my liking. He loves to help me cook. He absolutely adores his daddy, but he's mamma's boy, too. He's not into kisses, but if I pin him down I can usually plant one on him before he wipes it off with a grin. He's a hard worker and is really motivated. He's friendly and kind. He really wants a puppy. He's learning how to pray and loves to practice his Bible Quiz facts. He's the easiest of the three to discipline. A stern warning will usually do the trick. A spanking totally crushes his little spirit. He wants to grow up to be firefighter, a policeman, a game warden and an appraiser, all at the same time. He's going to be great at whatever he does.


Melissa said...

there is something so special about a little boy....and YOUR little boy is pretty darn sweet.

Chan is going to be a bounty hunter when he grows up....I'm still pushing for orthodontist instead, but it doesn't quite have the "conquerability" factor that bounty hunter does.

Dawn said...

I sure love your little Ty. I remember that helmet cute. When did he grow out of that? Trent wants to be a firefighter and a doctor when he grows up. Little boys are such a blessing, gotta love 'em!

Queen Mimi said...

Would you please wish your Ty (My little King) a Happy Belated Birthday?
He is very Sweet and Tender Delena. But at the same Very much all Boy.