Wednesday, November 19, 2008

Tastes Like Chicken

It was a cool, autumn night at the Eisenhard Family Farm. And Pepper had chased me one too many times. So he became a science lesson for my children.
This is our chicken, Pepper.

Uncle Shane did the killing (I guess you're supposed to call it butchering when its your pet). Can't say we'll be raising chickens to eat next year.
I know you're not supposed to play with your food, but Doug was opening and closing his mouth saying "Delena, why did you have to kill me...." Kind of creepy.


Dawn said...

Did he taste good? There's a little part of me that wants to learn how to butcher a chicken even though I know it would be really hard. I think that if I eat chicken, this is something I should do, or at least watch...and if I can't, then maybe I shouldn't be eating chicken.

Queen Mimi said...

Oh MY!!!
(I'm kind of quietly laughing...and Kind of a little nauseas)
But secretly so dang proud of you!

Chad the Chicken said...

LOL!!!!! Hahahahahha!!!!! LOL!!!! Delena, you crack me up! I love the name, Pepper. HAHAHHAHA!!!

Chad the Chicken said...

PS - Tell Doug he needs to clip his fingernails - the little finger's nail is ... ummm ... too long for a boy.

Melissa said...

I cannot believe you have a picture of a corpse on here. That is sick.

Did you feel sweet revenge with every bite?

Lisa said...

Delena thank you for your sweet comments. I can only knit and purl at a painfully slow pace, so I stick with my crochet. Our Hattie is the same kind of chicken and she is the sweetest thing. But they all have different personalities. If I would need to I could still eat everyone of them. That kind of thing has never bothered me. That is what God gave them to us for.