Thursday, November 12, 2009

Last Saturday's Date

Two really cool neighbors who don't have kids.
A trip to dinner and a hockey game with said neighbors.
One suburban.
One apparently very expensive earring falling from cool neighbor's ear.
Falling down, down into the abyss of "THE SEAT." You know the kind. The seat where the kids usually sit.....
One super cool neighbor digging frantically to find earring.
Two super cool neighbors now looking for earring in the dark.
One car owner who isn't too mortified since she recently cleaned the car.
One super cool neighbor who flips up seat in search of wife's earring.
One super cool neighbor who unveils a secret compartment in the seat, hidden by a closure that one husband and wife never knew existed.
And had never cleaned.
Because they didn't know it was there.
One unwrapped peppermint patty, approximately 23 crayons, 12 army men, the equivalent of seven packs of granola bars all in crumbs, 37 cents, a napkin, 17 french fries, the head of a barbie,and one shiny, silver earring.
Five days since date and two super cool neighbors probably still scrubbing under their fingernails.


Dawn said...

That is hilarious! ;)

Lisa said...

This is great delena!! At least they didn't find a mouse was the case in the back of my van under the seat of a certain very messy girl I know.....Now 2 months and counting of a VERY clean car...

Miss said...


i wonder if I have any hidden unkown compartments in my car?

the very thought frightens me to the core...

Kristen said...

Awesome. I am soooo with you on this.

Michelle said...

Very funny! Glad to know that I am not the only one with mysterious happenings in my car!!

Alex and Riann said...

I laughed outloud!! (Hope I didn't just wake napping baby!)