Monday, November 23, 2009

My son's obsessive compulsive disorder

His entire life, Ty has gone through phases of rather strange compulsions. For awhile he would sniff his fingers whenever he touched ANYTHING! He'd grab his cereal spoon and then sniff his fingers. Scratch his arm and sniff his fingers. It was odd.

Thankfully that stage is gone. Onto another. Today we noticed him doing a little hoot....."who, who...." Not like an owl. More like a very airy, loud whistle. We think he's trying to mimic an animal call of some sort. The boys haven't been hunting owls, so we're not quite sure what it is. Here's a snippet of our dinner.

"On Madagascar the penguin says (blah, blah, blah)....who...."
"Lets put flames on it. ...who....."
"I like this dinner, mommy.....who, who....."

He wont stop. But he doesn't even realize he's doing it. We've pointed it out and he says "What?.....who"

By the end of dinner Doug and I were cracking up but trying to not show it as to avoid giving the poor son a complex. So we'll just ride this one out....who.


Dawn said...

That's a funny little quirk. I wonder which parent he gets all his "quirkiness" from? ;)

Anonymous said...

It's Entiat!

Kristen said...

Our kids go through little stages like that too!

Have a great Thanksgiving!

Lisa said...

Delena this is too funny..I grew up with my oldest brother having to clink his teeth on whatever glass he was drinking out of...and to be honest I think he still does it, it brings to mind Robert on EveryBody lOves Raymond with his chin touching....