Tuesday, August 19, 2008

My hands are shaking. My palms are sweaty. I have butterflies in my stomach because I'm so excited! I'm reading my favorite blogs again!!! I feel like I've been on some sort of sick sabbatical, like I'm fasting the internet or something. Its quite disgusting!

Still no computers at the new house. They said worse case scenario they'd have them installed by Wed. This must be the worst case scenario.

I was sitting in the eastern corner of my couch yesterday, though, under the ceiling fan, and my cell phone worked. The really good news was that I could check my hotmail! As long as I didn't move too far west, or north or south. Quite exciting.

Today the kids went to day two of Mega Sports Camp at church which is looking like total fun. The kids love it. They must have really loved it today because they came home TIRED and CRANKY! One of the leaders asked Brooklyn if she was excited to go back to school. She said "No. I'm having a fantastic summer." HA! We've fooled her again! I'm glad she thinks it was so fantastic since its been full of neglect on our part and hard work on everyone's part.

Tonight I'm going to dinner and a movie with two of my most favorite people, Chad and Pam. The three of us together are DANGEROUS! But they make my life more exciting.


Dawn said...

I'm so glad you're "back"! ;) I don't like being without my computer for long either.

Queen Mimi said...

I had a fabulous time last night. Slept horrible due to the wierd car incident. But Danny Boy is home today and I will sleep like a baby.
Glad your Back!

Chad the Chicken said...

I had such a blast with you and Pam. You two are simply the best. Fro. Fro. Fro.