Friday, September 19, 2008

Well, its the weekend. I don't have any plans. And I kinda like it that way. My, how life has changed. :)

We've been so busy this summer that its nice to not have anything on the agenda. I'll fill up my weekend for sure. Don't worry about me sitting idly by. I might:
1. Go to the gym. (I'll wait for you to get back up off the floor....and stop laughing).
2. Go yard-saling. I'm not usually a yard-saler. In fact, I really hate looking at a bunch of other people's junk. But I'm a reformed shopper after having moved way too much stuff. I no longer buy stuff I don't need (not very often, anyway). And I sure don't want someone else's junk. But last week I went with my sister and I found some cool stuff. I brought home a Pottery Barn chair that helps to fill up my living room, a cute pillow and a bag-o-crayons for 50 cents. I'm trying to decorate the house, and I'm kind of going for a hodge-podge look. I'll let you know if I find any treasures.
3. Make homemade ice cream. You know, after the gym workout. My sister in law gave me some super ripe peaches. Why eat them raw when I can put them in ice cream.
4. Hang out with my little Madelyn. Doug is taking the kids hunting again, so its mommy-and-daughter weekend.


Melissa said...

let's do Body pump and then go for ice cream :) you should have Chad and Pam and Dawn join us. We could have our own little clan in the back corner.

Queen Mimi said...

I'm in for next week. (My last moment of exercise Before I turn 50) Not quite the same as doing the Dam to Dam bike ride...but it's something.

Chad the Chicken said...

OMG!!! I love the idea of YOU, ME, MELISSA and PAM at the gym! That would be so fun! LOL! Ice cream after Body Pump! Dear lord, last Monday when I put on my gym shorts, I felt like a bloated smurf - the things were so stinking tight I was sure what was going to transpire.

On another note ... you know how you have to type in the coded words below to post a comment? Well, the letters that I'm currently looking at are: wtffcku. LOL!

Dawn said...

I want to see your "new" chair! I must have missed that call this morning about going garage selling with ya. ;) I totally changed my shopping habits after doing that year of "compacting" was the best thing for me in helping me realize there are a lot of other options out there besides the big box stores. I even proudly shop at the Goodwill now.

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