Thursday, December 18, 2008

Apparently Baby Chloe was born yesterday. It just took her parents a few hours to figure that out.... I think its official that her name is now Chloe Adelyn. She's still cute.

Its hard picking a name for those little ones. You have to think of what kind of horrible nickname the schoolyard children will make up and torture your children with. We had a difficult time picking Cameron's name. We were sure about "Ty" but Doug didn't want that as a first name which is funny because we call him that most of the time now. And he didn't want a long first name because we have a long last name. So how he got the name "Cameron" I still don't know. But I was on drugs.

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Happy Birthday and many happy returns of the day to baby Chloe! Its reaaly a difficult task to choose good names for your kids when they are born. I think you have done a good job choosing them.