Tuesday, December 30, 2008


I'm not always big on making resolutions because,lets face it, I can't even complete the stuff I'm supposed to do. Why add to my list. But I'm going to anyway. So, for the fun of it, lets recap 2008:
1. Make a quilt - Nope. Didn't happen. Too busy rebuilding an already built house.
2. Be a better wife and mom - Hmm. Ask the fam.
3. Spend time with my favorite friends - I'm doing okay. The move to "the middle of nowhere" has put a damper on that, but I've found a way to fit them in.

Now, for 2009:
1. Make a quilt.
2. Spend more time with the kiddos. Amazing that I can be with them all day and feel like I haven't even seen them.
3. Make Doug feel like a king. I didn't say "make Doug the king." And that's a very important detail. Between you and me, as long as they feel like they're in charge, all is well. We all know who keeps things running around here.
4. I would like to learn another instrument this year. The bass guitar is looking promising, but I don't want to steal Doug's thunder.
5. Adopt a kid. That was on the back burner because of all that was going on, but maybe now we can get the paperwork out. Oh, yeah, and that brings me to #6.
6. Prove my citizenship. Apparently that's an important detail when you want to adopt a kid. I mean, really. Nobody asked me when I had a kid if I was an American citizen. What the heck.

Now I tag Dawn, Pam, Chad, Kristin, The Melissa's, Lisa and Andrea for their resolutions. And none of that crap about losing weight or being a better person.


Dawn said...

I'm laughing about #3. ;) Don't feel bad about not getting to the quilt this year. I had "learn to knit" for one of my resolutions this year, and it didn't happen....and I wasn't even remodeling a house! Best of luck on the adoption process this year.

Kristen said...

You are so funny! Reading your blog is like comic relief for me. :) To be honest, haven't given one single thought to New Year's Resolutions. Maybe I'll do that today...later... :)

Melissa said...

hahaha....you ARE funny. I will work on this and post soon. For the record I LOVE writing resolutions.

Chad the Chicken said...

Oh, of COURSE - Melissa LOVES writing resolutions - she doesn't have an ounce of fat to lose, she's creative, smart, and the list goes on. What does she have to resolve?!?!??????? If I were Melissa, I would LOVE to write them too!!!!!!!! ... Just joking around with you, Melissa :)

Melissa said...

chad, you make me laugh. You're my bestest friend EVER for saying I don't have an ounce of fat to lose. *sniff*...that's the nicest thing anyone has ever lied, err...SAID about me. :)

Marfa said...

You should focus on your accomplishments...I bet there were quite a few things you DID in 2008 that you didn't anticipate. I've just started guitar lessons myself...and am so excited!