Monday, December 8, 2008

This past weekend was Brooklyn's one and only swim meet. I decided when we were there that this would be the one and only. It was jammed packed with hundreds of parents cheering on their kids who couldn't hear them because - hello - they're UNDER WATER! Quit yelling, people! Anyway, it was an experience, and one that I could probably do without for another, oh, five or six years. But she really wanted to participate and because we do whatever our kids want to do, we signed her up. ;)
I sound so negative about this event. It wasn't really all that bad, but just not my thing.
So when little Madelyn asked to play "I spy" at this swim meet I did not pick the most difficult thing to spy in order to keep her occupied for a LONG time.
And being that this was quite possibly the only swim meet Brooklyn will ever compete in, Doug, my friend Melissa and I DID NOT totally miss her swim her first race! When she showed up all soaking wet and proud of herself we did not look at each other with a "did-you-see-her-because-I-didn't-see-a-thing" look on our faces. And we did not congratulate her anyway and tell her what a fabulous job she did. And her face did not light up like a Christmas tree with all the pride she had in her little heart for completing the race. (For the record - the mob of people was obstructing our view and no I'm not just throwing that detail in there to make myself look like a better parent)


Melissa said... all fairness, my friend (the mother of 2 of the high school swimmers) said that she misses swims all the time because she isn't paying attention.'s not just us.

Wentworth Family Blog said...

We did swim team this summer. I am with you. It wasn't my thing. Those parents are hard core! Emilee loved it and I am almost certain she is going to ask to do it again.

Dawn said...

Well, since you're admitting here that you didn't see Brooklyn swim her first race, I'll admit something as well. When I go to watch Grace dance as a mouse in the Nutcracker, I can NOT figure out which mouse she is! They all look the same to me. ;) Don't tell her I said that.

Queen Mimi said...

I think I Love you more today than yesterday!
Oh Dawn....I just read what you wrote! Haha...I've been there..done that and suddenly feel So much better now.
You girls Rock! I'm So glad that I can call you friends!
I also know that I say "SO" alot.

Kristen said...

You are such a funny writer! Very witty! :) I would miss those important moments during soccer games all the time!