Tuesday, January 6, 2009

Help is here!

I found this amazing site through Lisa, you know,one the ladies I've been stalking recently. Its called Menus4Mom. I'm so excited. It gives a list of meals for the week complete with side dishes (not my forte) and then you can print out a shopping list!!!! This is a.maz.ing. I made my first meal tonight and I must say it went over WELL.

Its not that I couldn't do this myself. Of course I should be able to come up with a meal plan. The fact is, though, that when I sit down to do just that I draw a total blank. Nothing. Nada. And then to add side dishes!?! I might consider using Dawn's menu, but a)She uses things that are kind of weird to me and b)I haven't seen an attached shopping list. Maybe she can work on that for me.


Dawn said...

Ahem....weird? You sound like my Dad right now Delena. He thinks he can't try anything new, but I've tricked him a few times. Once, I made him vegan mac and cheese with nutritional yeast. He kept saying how much he liked it- which I thought was pretty funny, since I know he wouldn't have tried it if he knew. Just keep hanging around me Delena, and that weirdness might rub off. ;)

Queen Mimi said...

Can you rub off on me a little too? I have been searching the weight watchers site looking for something similar. I want a menu...and a shoping list.
That's not asking for much is it?
My brain has left the building these days.

SaDonna said...

Hey there. I love your blog. Thanks so much for sharing the info and your family with me, it is nice to see everyone is doing well. That ice dam was something else. Say "hey" to Doug for me, and good luck with the knitting. I am a knitter as well, so IF you need a helping hand just let me know. ;-) Tracy cracks me up with not being able to listen to Aspen crying at night. I guess I too have got over that one, because around this joint they learn to sleep by 3 months. Otherwise Mommy has a breakdown without any good sleep.