Friday, January 23, 2009

For those of you who may question the education of my children:

I'm sure there are some of you who may wonder if my kids will be prepared for this cruel world being that they are educated at home. Well, worry no more folks. Here's a little run-down/overview of our month at home. I have to submit this stuff monthly to the school so they don't turn me into the state, I guess.

Art: Brooklyn and Ty have continued their study of Botticelli, specifically the prints "Young man being introduced to the seven liberal arts" and "Birth of Venus." They have been illustrating their book with watercolor paintings.

Science: This month Brooklyn and Ty are studying the planets starting with the closest planets to the sun. They have written in their nature notebooks about Mercury, Venus and Earth and seems to be enjoying the material. They have been watching a National Geographic video about all the planets in our solar system.

Math: Brooklyn and Ty started their new math program and are doing very well. They are to lesson 10. The work so far has been review of graphing, addition and subraction and comparing numbers for greater-than, less-than.

Language Arts: Ty and Brooklyn have been journaling daily in their nature notebooks and personal journals. They are encouraged to compose on their own and then are shown any corrections. They have both finished writing a small book: Brooklyn's about her bunny, and Ty's about a turtle. They are being read-aloud to during circle time from the book Milly-Molly-Mandy, and we are about to begin "The Incredible Journey." They are each reading to me daily.

Music: Brooklyn and Ty continue to play the piano and are practicing a few minutes three to four days per week. Brooklyn has a lesson once per week. Most of Ty's instruction is on his own per his choice. They are both completing worksheets from a music theory workbook.

Bible: The kids are each learning memory verses for their individual classes at church. They are also studying 15 minutes daily for Junior Bible Quiz.

The list goes on and on at the Eisenhard House of Perpetual Learning. Rest at ease.


Chad the Chicken said...

Very nice outline. When you get to the Home Ec part, can I come and be a guest speaker for cookies???!?

Dawn said...

Delena, you are an awesome teacher. I loved getting to read about what you've been doing with your kids for school.

Melissa said...

I liked reading this too. Clearly, they are receiving a wonderful education, and you should be very proud. And it makes me a teeny bit envious of "You Homeschoolers" when I read about all your cool projects and activities.

Lisa said...

i can't believe you have to submit this monthly! you are doing great

Queen Mimi said...

Who would question you? It sounds like you have a Great handle on things. I am Very impressed...but not at All suprised.
Love you D.

kristen said...

Delena - this all sounds really, really awesome! Your kids are so lucky to receive such a great education from such a fun teacher! :)

Miss said...

fewh....I DO feel better! =)

I am curious, how long do you homeschool each day and (remind me again) of the grades of your kids! =)