Monday, January 12, 2009

I love my kids....I love my kids.....Really, I love my kids!!!
We spent six hours in the car today.
I have to keep repeating this until I feel it again.

Brooklyn went to bed two hours early. Its the best punishment for her because she HATES it (and then we don't have to listen to her nasty attitude.)

Ty mellowed out once we finally got out of the car.

Madelyn has since quit kicking the seat in front of her, pulling the hair of those near her, hoarding the toys and asking when we are going to have lunch.

It was a great day.....honest.

On another note - my sister says she finally knows why I am the way I am! What I think she means by that is 1)Why I'm never prepared, 2) Why my house looks like a tornado zone, 3)Why my kids' hair is rarely brushed and certainly never styled. 4)Why I really don't care about either of those.

Here's why: She has had little Zoe (and only Zoe) for three years. She had a clean house. She had the toys put where they were supposed to go (I'm so sure! What is that!). Even Zoe knew where the toys went. Her floor was NEVER dirty. Her bathrooms were ALWAYS clean. There was never any unidentifiable food stuck to the floors and seats of her immaculate, always washed, always vacuumed car. I really didn't understand it.

And now I do.

She had Chloe a month ago, and her world has been rocked! Kind of like mine was with number 3. (Okay, really we all know number 1 put me over the edge, but since we were already over, why not go all the way).

And now I can sit back and smile and feel perfectly "normal."


Melissa said...

haha. It does my heart good to see your girls' unkempt hair...I feel like a kindred spirit. (incidentally, Ella practically has a mullet now...yep, more scissors again! You can laugh in person tomorrow at the pool!)

Where did you guys go?

Dawn said...

Ugh...six hours in the car can turn the best kids into little monsters. I hope today goes better for everyone.

Anonymous said...

Oh please!!! Chloe is doing my OCD good. Right?

Kristen said...

Delena, you seriously are so funny! I love reading your blog! Oh how we have those moments in the car too! And I only have two to keep busy!

Lisa said...

i am feeling this post Delena!!!! if people only knew how often i have to repeat those same lines in my head after telling my kids just stop talking to one another while in the car. and about your sister, i had a friend like that. she would say oh lisa's house always use to be clean. What?! it still was clean, but now totally "lived" in.