Friday, April 24, 2009


We're growing butterflies these days at the Eisenhard House of Perpetual Learning. I am amazed at how quickly these critters grow. They arrived being about 1 cm long. I was pretty sure they were dead because they move sooooo slow. (Imagine that). Now they're probably close to an inch - in a matter of days. In fact, we can see changes from one night to the next morning. Its quite amazing and I highly recommend it.

The butterfly's life is only a couple of weeks long. Lets hope its a good one. The caterpillars are supposed to metamorph in 7-10 days. Can't wait! And as I type this, it suddenly occurs to me that we may be out of town when this is all taking place!!!! They're coming with us. That's all there is to it. We'll just pack 'em up and take 'em to the ocean with us.


Dawn said...

I tried this once, and the caterpillars ate the other ones that were starting to go into the chrysalis stage. We ended up with only one left. But it was still fun to see it come out as a butterfly. I don't know if that was a freak incident, but maybe I should have separated them when they got to that point.
Have fun on your trip!

Melissa said...

You homeschool moms and all your cool projects. Sheesh. :) Very cool---and I read your comment on Dawn's blog about boiling rocks?? I'm intrigued....I'm inviting myself and my kids over so you can show us how to do that. :)