Wednesday, April 22, 2009

Ty: Mommy, why do you always wear make-up.
Brooklyn: Because she's not a peasant mommy. (?) Peasant mommies don't wear make-up.

Thought you'd like to know.

This weekend Brooklyn was in a freaked-out mood, hand gestures and all, pleading with me to figure out the DVD player (way out of my league.) I was lamenting to the family about her over-dramatized way of life these days. They all laughed at me. Kind of like they thought I deserved it or something.

Fast forward a day or two when Doug asked me why I hadn't finished one of the many projects I'd started. I freaked out on him, hand gestures and all, explaining to him the lack of tools and buckets and just what exactly I needed in order to finish the job.

It was that exact moment that I realized Brooklyn has not inherited some recessive gene. Nope. I beleive she got it from me.


We've been making smores recently. Yum. Feels like we're camping.

The kiddos on a hike up to Silver Falls this weekend. It was awesome. Hopefully we'll get back up there soon.


Dawn said...

Peasant Mommies don't wear make-up...that's funny! I'm afraid that most of the time, I'm a peasant Mommy then. :)
You getting some great photos with your new camera. I love that last shot.

Joy said...

Yep, another peasant mommy here too. :) I know about the freak-out gene as well. When I see it come from my daughter, I cringe knowing exactly where that came from.

Melissa said...

Haha....recessive gene. That was a great theory.

Andrea said...

I like the fire pit. Where did you get it?