Friday, July 3, 2009

Good News/Bad News

Ty was trying to be Superman Wednesday evening at our church playground.
The good news is he walked away.
The bad news is that he walked away with a broken arm - the left arm this time.
The good news is his mom is a nurse and immediately recognized that he probably broke his arm.
The bad news is his mom is a nurse and knew that they would only splint it and wrap it and then charge her an arm and a leg (haha) so she did not rush him to the hospital.
The good news is we were able to go to his pediatrician the next day which didn't cost as much.
The bad news is I think I just recently finished paying the bill from the last arm injury.
The good news is he hasn't required any pain medication.
The bad news is he couldn't have any if he wanted some because I don't even have Tylenol in the house.
The good news is he has broken both arms so this should be out of his system.
The bad news is he still has two legs.


Anonymous said...

The good news, you have insurance. The bad news, he is your son and I think you were the accident prone one.

Dawn said...

This is funny. ;P Not funny that he broke his arm of course, just the way you tell the story about it. I hope it heals quickly.

Chad the Chicken said...

Sounds like we need to take up a love offering on Sunday.

kristen said...

Poor Ty! It's so nice that you knew what you were doing. Henry fell out of shopping cart when he was one year old, and although the clinic completely checked him out, ruling out concussion etc. no one thought to check for a broken arm. It was two days later before we realized that he had a broken arm. That's some good parenting! Not.

Miss said...

I really am sorry for his arm....but you totally made me LAUGH!!! =)

Queen Mimi said...

You are So Witty.
Did I ever tell you about the time that not 1 but 2 of my daughters broke their collar bones, and I waited to take them in thinking they were just being babies....cause I was a nurse.