Monday, January 21, 2008


Today while Doug and I were busy with projects around the house, the kids formed a band. Brooklyn was, of course, the lead singer and the director and the producer and the editor and probably the PR representative. It amazes me that the other kids know the food chain and follow her direction.
Ty got some blue hair dye for Christmas the he kept asking for. But then when it came time to dye his hair, he wouldn't do it. I finally convinced him to let me dye his hair blue. He was in a rock band, after all. And then the girls wanted some highlights in their hair, too.


Delena said...
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Dawn said...

Delena, you have the cutest little rock band I've ever seen. I love your new blog. Way to go!

Kellan said...

Hi Delena - I came over from Dawn's site - very nice to meet you and your adorable kids. Just wanted to say hi and welcome! Come by and see me sometime! Have a good weekend - Kellan