Tuesday, June 24, 2008

Eisenhard Family Farm

Five chickens

Two Ducks

One very old hound dog

And now one rescued ferrel kitten that is so tortured by three children it probably wishes it were still unrescued.

Have I mentioned that I don't even really like animals? I must say they are growing on me, though. I'm turning into Fannie Farmer. Somebody! Help me!


Ellie said...

Hey! I think that it is a good thing that you are starting to have a liking towards animals. They can be soo precious. Key word : can. I hope that you come and visit my blog sometime so we can become buddies!

Dawn said...

Delena...I thought you disappeared! I've missed you! I loved the post about Doug...very sweet ;) I can't wait to meet all these animals you have now. We almost took on a dog sitting job for next week but I chickened out when I found out the dog isn't even house trained yet! Have a great day.

Ellie said...

Hey!! No problemo.. I love getting new comments, too. Thanks for the comment :)

Chad the Chicken said...

I love ducks!!!! That brings back memories of when I was 6 or so and got a baby duck. He loved me, I loved him. He followed me everywhere. Even to the school bus. His name was Pooper. Pooped ALOT. He loved ice cream too. ... and God bless your little rooster that's learning his crow. HA! His voice is changing. Puberty.