Monday, June 16, 2008

Why I love my daddy

He wrestles with me.
He lets us play on the slip and slide.
He's nice.
He's fun.
He plays games with us.
He takes me on dates.
He tickles me.
He gives us underdogs on the swing.
He shares his coffee.
He lets us do whatever we want. (?!?!?)
He lets me have juice.
He makes me pancakes.

He loves us.

Why I love their daddy:
He's nice to me.
He rides a motorcycle.
He makes me feel beautiful.
He tells me to spend money on myself (I have it so rough).
He's my biggest fan.
He tries his best to understand me - even when there is no understanding.
He would drop anything to come to my aid.
He fills up my gas tank.
He makes me coffee.
He buys me coffee after he makes me coffee.
He loves my family.
He's the best daddy on the planet (okay, sometimes he's kid #4, but we're working on that).
He's forgiven me when I didn't deserve it.
He loves me.

1 comment:

Queen Mimi said...

That was precious. Great Pictures too. I Love you Fannie Farmer! And I miss My Delena.