Thursday, May 14, 2009


In an attempt to continue to save money/live without debt, I did the coupon thing last night. It may not have been the first time, but I can't remember the last time, and its never really been my thing. Then I read about my friend who bought $180 groceries for $30 so I had to give it a try. I didn't do as well as I had hoped, but I did get $120 stuff for $60, so that's a good start.

Some of my finds:
Three Coffeemate creamers (a staple in our house).
Normally 2.59.
Store special 3/$5.
Two coupons totalling an additional $.70 off each.
$.96 each.

Two pkgs Kraft singles
Normally 4.49
Store coupons: 1.88 each
Additional coupon for 1.00 off.
$.88 each!

Albertsons Shredded cheese
Normally 3.99
Store coupon for .88 each.

Tombstone pizza
Normally 5.59
Store special 3/$10
Additional coupon for 1.00 off
2.33 each.

Normally 4.49
Store special 1.99
Coupon for 1.00 off.
.99 whoo hooo

Not as good as I hoped, but better than usual. Anyone have any tips for me? There are no stores in town who take competitor coupons so that option is out. I'm taking advice, though.


kristen said...

Nice! I LOVE reading about stuff like this. I'm always trying to buy more and spend less, although I don't really have any tips to share. Do you cut your coupons out of the newspaper? Print them online?

Dawn said...

Like Kristen, I'm curious...where do you get your coupons? I think I've gone to the grocery store at 4:30 to get dinner, the last four days in a row....not a good way to save money. I need to get back into meal planning.
Grocery Outlet is the place I shop when I'm trying to save money.

Andrea said...

You have to email my sister! She is the coupon mama! She even has a 3 ring binder she takes with her of all her coupons. She also goes to one site called

Melissa said...

I want to hear more too. I think you did great. Does Albertsons not take competitor's coupons?

Lisa said...

I am terrible at couponing. I shop at walmart and just buy the store brand. My girlfriend said she was in line behind a women with a cart full of groceries and she left with a bill under 50 bucks. It inspired her to try the same thing.

kristen said...

hey Delena! just wanted you to know that i gave you an award over here:

happy monday! :)

Chad the Chicken said...

Oh my, this is sounding like my grandma.