Thursday, June 25, 2009

Maddy's 5th Birthday

Madelyn turned five yesterday. We spent the evening at this great water park in town that we've been hanging out at alot lately. Its a great place to go because I can actually look away and not worry about someone drowning. Madelyn is:
The only brave child of three who will go to the basement alone.
A good little singer and loves to sing her heart out in a high pitched falsetto voice.
Usually the first asleep each night.
The child who sleeps like a ROCK.
Has the will of iron that I'm confident will be used in a great way.....someday.
Learning to ride a bike.
Really excited to lose her first tooth (which isn't even wiggly yet).
The one most likely to climb all over me and cover my face with kisses.
A very good helper.
Sometimes quite the pesky little sister.
Our favorite youngest daughter.


Lisa said...

happy birthday Maddy!!! 5 makes you a big girl now. Delena, we need to get my 5 yo and your 5 yo sending drawings back and forth with there older sisters. My guy would LOVE that, let me know what you think.

Dawn said...

Somehow it doesn't surprise me that Maddy is the only one of your kids not afraid to go into the basement alone. That iron will also makes her a brave girl. Here birthday pictures are adorable.