Thursday, June 4, 2009

My day today.

Every once in awhile I like to give you a glimpse into the daily activities of my incredibly exciting life. Brace yourself.

7 am: Kid ends up in bed. Me not feeling well. Stay in bed pretending to be asleep so maybe I wont have to get up and make breakfast.
8 am: Up out of bed. Feeling a wee bit better. No such luck on getting out of making breakfast. Shower. Dress. Ready for day.
9 ish: Give kids chores - one of which is sorting their laundry. First load of laundry in. Start two sprinklers at various parts of the property. Feed the goose and ducks. Water all the flowers.
9:30: School starts.
9:35: Done with school.
10:00 Fell asleep on couch. Maybe not feeling so well after all.
10:30 Back up. Second load of laundry. Move the water. School resumes. Math, reading and a bit of writing.
11:00 Catch that stupid goose DEVOURING my petunias. Try to coop them back up.
11:20 Still trying to coop those darn birds. Ducks corralled. Goose on the loose.
11:30 Decide I will just kill the goose if it eats my flowers again and leave it unpenned. Move the sprinklers again.
12:00 Lunch. Folding clothes, starting next load of laundry. Go downstairs to start some work for Doug (he's forgotten how to do his own work since I spoil him so much).
12:30 Move the water. Begin cutting material for a project I'm working on.
1:15 All done cutting. Move the water. Fold another load. Start another load.
2:00 Take Ty down the road to meet his friend for a playdate. Fill up the gas tank. Stop at post office. Nothing exciting in the mail.
2:30 Move the water. More laundry.
4:30 Start dinner (and a fine dinner it was). Move the water.
5:30 Dinner done. Hanging out with fam. I think I'm done watering. Start a batch of cookies. Check the towels. Realize I haven't emptied the lint trap this week. Towels still wet and lint trap VERY full.
6:00 Begin cleaning the kids' room. Oh my, this is going to take awhile. Decide to go through toy bins and start throwing stuff away. Take cookies out of oven. Put more in.
7:00 Go pick up Ty.
8:00 Play a little piano just for the heck of it. Cant see the music because I didn't turn on the lights and don't want to interrupt my playing but then decide what's the point anyway.
8:30 Fold more clothes. Last load of laundry in the dryer. The end is near.
8:45 Start Roomba in kitchen and basement (love those things). Check email and blogs.
9:10 Still here. Kids begging me to read a story. Going upstairs now. Still have to fold the towels and put the kids to bed. Great day as the keeper of my home!


Chad the Chicken said...


Dawn said...

That was fun to read. There's a whole lot of laundry going on there. ;)

Miss said...

I am impressed with how much you got done considering you didnt feel well!!

and the whole "pretend I am sleeping thing" I have that MASTERED!! =)

Anonymous said...

Just kill the goose! And sounds like you could use a second washer and dryer!

kristen said...

I loved reading that! Good for you for keeping track. Someday we'll look back at these years and wonder what we did all day! ;)