Monday, March 31, 2008

A beautiful day

I have nothing to blog about but feel I've had nothing to blog about for some time. So, I will give you an ever-exciting day-in-the-life. I love reading other's accounts of their days. The really exciting part is that no two days are ever even a little bit alike.

5:30 Woke up to my cell phone alarm going off because I forgot to disable it from the day before....Its disabled now. Made coffee. Ate breakfast. No need to wait around, you know!
6ish - Kids wake up while I'm watching the news. We all snuggle under the blanket on the couch.
6:30 - Start researching other adoption agencies online. Convinced we're working with the best. (had to look, though)
7:00 Doug home from the gym. Crawl back into bed to cuddle with him.
8:00 Drag my butt out of bed again.
9:40 Paying bills. Call friend to see if she can get together on spring break!
10:00 Intend to be at friend, Jenni's, house with coffee but start tidying up the kitchen, sweeping, etc.
10:55 actually arrive at friend's house. Stay and chat for a little over an hour. A total blast to be able to connect!
12:00 Go pick up tax stuff from the accountant. Woo hoo!!! We don't owe extra! Thank you God. Head out to Doug's office.
1:00 Calling husband from office to find out where he might be. Did I mentiong its 1? Make kids lunch.
2:00 Dear husband arrives. My work is already done. :)
3:00 ish - finish school with kids with no contest from Ty. Drama queen acts up as anticipated. She calms down and completes the work.
4:00 back in the office to finish up.
4:40 hit the road to go home.
5:10 eating dinner alone. Kids are playing. Don't like my dinner. Oh well, I guess they don't have to eat tonight.
6:00 Kids are playing. I'm vegging.
7:00 Wheel of Fortune. One of my favorites.
7:15 Youngest gets her feelings hurt and begins to meltdown. Take care of huge fit while finishing laundry.
7:30 still melting.
7:45 Still melting. Laundry done.
8:00 Calm again (ahhhh) Reading to all three on the couch. Why do they make those kids books so darn long!
8:15 Daddy home. We say a prayer for our little brother somewhere out there, and for all the kids to have a sleep over at their friends homes, and for their birthdays to come soon (a bit of a fixation for them all nowadays). Clean up the play room "all the way."
9:05 Head to bed and find two kids in my bed. Shoo them off to bed. Watching Jon and Kate plus 8. Love that show! Makes me feel like I have it so easy.

That's it! Grateful for another day. Which brings me to my next point. I've been reading Holy Experience which is an amazing blog. She has been making a list of 1001 things she's thankful for. I'm going to copy her. Here's the beginning.

#1 Thankful for every day - the good, the bad and the ugly.
#2 Thankful for the husband snoring. At least I know he's breathing.
#3 Thankful for amazing friends (four of whom I know read this blog!)


Dawn said...

Hi Delena,
You are a busy mom with a great attitude! This was a fun post to read and your gratitude is contagious. Have yourself another beautiful day today.

Queen Mimi said...

You are an Amazing Mom Delena. Reading your Blog always puts a smile on my face. Have a Fantabulous Day!

Melissa said...

If I wrote how much I heart you, it would be so totally mushy that people would throw up, so I won't. But you know, dont' you?? You know how much I heart you, right??

I'm also going to copy this post sometime.

And I'm going to start being thankful that Rick snores...laughed so hard when I read that..."at least I know he's breathing"

Miss said...

I see you are adopting...are your other children adopted?