Wednesday, March 26, 2008


What's this? A picture of my children in their Easter outfits! I found this on our computer today. I didn't know my husband actually took a picture of them all dressed up before they completely destroyed their clothes with the gobs of chocolate they received.

We had a great Easter. We celebrated up at our new house on Saturday and I decided that I want to do a big egg hunt up there each year for all the little ones. It was really fun. My sister and her daughter were there (the platinum blonde, Zoe) and some family friends, Drake and Cruz. And then there was baby Aspen, but she's not hunting-age yet.
On Sunday, we went to church. My parents were at our house when I got home and had already given out loads of candy. There is always SO MUCH CANDY! And I won't let my kids eat it all, and Doug is Mr. Healthy these days, so that leaves ME!
Doug and I ended the day by torturing our children with a FREEZING COLD bike ride at the park. It was sunny when we left.... Madelyn was a shivering ball of ice when we finally quit. Didn't make it too far, but it was really fun to all be riding bikes together. This is actually the first time we've been able to that since Maddy can (kind of) ride her own bike now. We finished the night off by tucking the kids into bed so we could steal all the good chocolate. (We being me, myself and I)


Dawn said...

Your kids look so cute! I love those hats they're wearing.

Queen Mimi said...

BIG Smile on my Face. Love the pics. Love your Kids. (and you) Congrats on the Wt Loss!

Melissa said...

Ok...which one was Maddy??? Holy cow she's so big. We really need to get together more often with our kids. (or, perhaps just you and I can get togheter and share pictures) ;)

CONGRATS on the 3lbs...yay for you! just got some WW propaganda in the it a sign? Free registration for me and a friend. You may have just inspired me.