Wednesday, March 12, 2008


I was preparing the kids another quality dinner - corn dogs, and only corn dogs - when I started to make the ketchup happy face (the kids totally freak out with excitement when I do that. Not that it should be a suprise since I do it EVERY TIME!). Then I realized I did it on my plate too!!! It just happened. I guess we're really happy at our house. The happiness just spills out when we're least expecting it. :)


Dawn said...

That's a cute idea. That story reminded me of when I drove my kids somewhere with Veggie Tale music playing, dropped them off, got back in the car and drove someplace else before realizing that I was listening to that music by myself, and worse...I was even singing along! I'm really quite a nerd. ;)

Melissa said... the smilies. You make me laugh---I could hear you saying the words as I read them.

Wentworth Family Blog said...

thats cute! It makes me smile too!

Tesa said...

Hi Delena! Isn't it fun that the simplest things bring such joy to the life of our kids! I love it.
Thanks for visiting my spot...nice to meet you!