Saturday, March 15, 2008


So, the Women's Retreat was this weekend up in Leavenworth. We stayed at the Enzian motel, which has the BEST breakfast of any hotel ever! There were about 80 women. I was in such a bad mood when I arrived. I didn't really want to be there, but i went anyway. Turned out to be a good thing because I won the grand prize!!! A trip to Desert Canyon Resort for two nights and dinner, too!!! Woo Hoo in the words of my dear friend Pam. I was so excited I could have peeed my pants.
The theme was "Sharing the Gifts." Everyone was supposed to bring a gift to - you guessed it - share. Any remaining creativity that might be lurking in my brain refuses to come out and play, so I have nothing, nada, zilch to offer. I brought a Starbucks card, which, by the way, I would have loved to have come home with. But no, that was not to be the case this weekend.
In my one of my previous posts, I was ranting about all the doilies that were sure to appear at this retreat gauging from the ages of the ladies attending. But, oh, it got so much worse than doilies!
You know the kind of plastic that you wind yarn through? Remember? In third grade???? Well, somebody's third grader made a very nice place mat and set of coasters for my friend Wendy. It was....nice. My friend Rhonda got the yellow doily. And Pam got a nice, primary-colored, quilted centerpiece. And me? This is what I got.
Go ahead. Click on that picture to get a good look at it! Its like the Mexican hat dancer....but why?
It gets better. The dear lady who made "Pedro" as he's been so fondly named, also made papa and has mama on the way!

What, exactly, makes a person sit down and create this sort of thing? It serves me right.
On a better note, I did buy this fabulous purse that I absolutely love. My sister helped me pick it out.

Watch out, dear friends. Pedro may be making his way to your home!


Dawn said...

I'm still laughing about Pedro! I keep thinking about him and I start giggling. I was so happy that you won that trip, especially after you missed dinner, I felt so bad for you.

Melissa said...

Love the bag! Super cute. As for Pedro...well, I just don't get it? But I'm sure you'll find a lovely place for him in your new home. :)

Woohoo on the are so lucky.

Julie said...

Serves you right :) ha! Just kidding! I had a good chuckle at Pedro... what the heck is that good for? I'm glad you won the "grand prize" how fun that will be for you!! When you go on your getaway, be sure to bring Pedro along for some candid pictures :)~ Julie

Saskia said...

oh good grief, what is that thing!