Tuesday, April 8, 2008

About me....my favorite subject.

Here's a MEME I got from Dawn. Can some experienced blogger please tell me what the heck MEME stands for? Everyone I would tag has already been tagged, and the other person, Melissa, just left a "List of 100 things about me" and probably doesn't want to play along, although I would love to read more about her......(No pressure) But, back to me.....

What is the best part about your life right now?
The best part of my life right now is working with my husband and homeschooling the three best kids in the world! I never saw this kind of life coming my way, but I am soooooo glad it did! I couldn't be happier. Ten years ago I thought I'd stick my kids in daycare and go to work as a nurse, drive a new car, live in a huge house, and be "happy". But I love this life and couldn't be happier!

What do you think the best part about the near future will be?
Well,the obvious thing in my life is that we're moving to the country. Can't wait! Its so beautiful. We're in the fix-up stage right now. The best part of the near future will be finishing that fix-up stage and getting to the live-in stage. Oh, who am I kidding. We'll never finish the fix-up stage. I think we don't beleive in it.

What are you most afraid of?
See question #2. Living in a project house! Actually, I don't live in a lot of fear because I know who holds my future. I know that nothing will take God by surprise. That's the most security a girl could ever have.

What are you a little worried about?
I'm a little worried that my suburban will break down. Its not running bad, but its getting up there in miles. I love that suburban and totally want another one when this one kicks it. But I don't want to make car payments. And I want that new hybrid suburban for obvious reasons.

What do you dream of?
I dream of a family of 6 at least, maybe eight. You know the type of family where all the girls wear dresses and braids? Well, not quite like that, but a little. I'm so surprised at how much I really love being a mom. I was never one of those "when I grow up, I want to be a mommy" kind of girls. Never thought I'd want kids and certainly not 6! Wow, how God can change a heart!

Who do you trust most to share these things with?
Definitely Melissa, Pam and Dawn. They read my blog and I love that! Its so fun to keep up on eachother's lives. They're my closest friends and they probably know all this stuff anyway.

What questions do you have?
How can I increase my odds at winning the lotto? Oh, and what the heck does MEME stand for?

What skills can you share?
I'm REAALLLLLYYYY good at giving unsolicited advice. ;)


Melissa said...

this was so cool to read. I love that your life is going in a direction that you love, even though it's not what you thought it would be.

Dawn said...

I loved reading your answers. Thank you so much for doing this. You are such an awesome friend.

Miss said...

I am totally flattered that you would tag me! =) I have never been tag. And it flatters me even more that you want to know more about me even after reading my 100 things! =) So...I will answer the questions you answered:

1. Best part:
Definatley my family. I, too, am about to start homeschooling this year. I am TOTALLY in love with my husband and God. I didnt even know I could love either this way! (I knew I would love my kdis this much)

2. my near future:
We will be out of debt. We think in the next 2 years it should happen (business and personl debt). It is somethingwe are actively doing!! YEAH!

3. Most afraid of:
I agree with your answer...I dont really fear b.c God is so much bigger than I could ever imagine and nothing will ahppend to me that he hasnt approved!0

4. A little bit worried about:
I guess just how will homeschooling go with 3 little kids running around

5. What do I dream of:
all of my kids being in love with Christ as adults

=) Have a great night! Melissa

Queen Mimi said...

I did some researce for you D and this is what I found out.
MEME-–noun a cultural item that is transmitted by repetition in a manner analogous to the biological transmission of genes.

[Origin: 1976; < Gk mīmeǐsthai to imitate, copy; coined by R. Dawkins, Brit. biologist]
Dictionary.com Unabridged (v 1.1)
Based on the Random House Unabridged Dictionary, © Random House, Inc. 2006.

I also found a website that is Full of Memes in case you want to find one of your own to do.