Monday, April 7, 2008

Farewell, Tooth

Today my dear middle child, Ty, had his tooth pulled. No, it wasn't because I failed to brush his teeth enough (although that could definitely be a problem!). So, last November he said "mommy, something in my mouth hurts." I looked in and there was some abscess-like sore above his tooth. I kind of freaked at first because my initial thought was "how long has this been here! And what kind of a mother doesn't know some infection is brewing way up under his lip because I was just sure that all the other mothers out there check their children's gums often. He went to the doctor who said not to worry, and then I got more worried and I took him in for a recheck. The next doc said not to worry, but she called her husband, the dentist we saw today. And when the dentist said not to worry, I quit worrying. So we saw the dentist in Feb and he said to wiggle the tooth loose and when the tooth came out, the infection would resolve. He gave us three weeks. No luck.
We returned today to have the "procedure." My little man was such a trooper. Doug and I were MUCH more apprehensive than he was, probably from our prior experiences with dentists....and oral anesthesia via injection. You'd never know he was having a needle put into his gums. Not even a flinch. The doctor was awesome, too. Turns out we have a bunch of mutual friends. He even called tonight to check up. Definitely going back. And I beleive the tooth fairly will be making an appearance tonight.


On another note, I've taken a few pics of Madelyn lately, and she seems to have a tongue protrusion problem.

That sassy little thing!


Miss said...

sassy little girls are the BEST! i was one and now I have one !=)

Dawn said...

Aww...poor Ty! He's braver than I am with the dentist. I love those sassy little Maddy photos.

Melissa said...

poor buddy...I'm glad it's all good now. (Chan had dental work done today.....cavities. Why do I feel so neglectful because he had 2 cavities??)

love your maddy....hmmmm, I can't imagine YOUR child being sassy. Weird?