Wednesday, April 23, 2008

What have we done!

We decided to do the small town thing and take in some of the festivities of our new home. We went to the Swallow Festival, which is about birds, I guess. But they have a Swallow queen which begs the question - How do you win the title?

The entire town met at the restuarant/gas station/mini mart/post office for a short (and I mean short) parade where they actually threw candy so all the kids could chase after it and make their mothers concerned that they might get stuck under the very large tire of the fire truck. In the parking lot, there were some canopies set up for vendors. One was selling cotton candy, one had hot dogs and such. And then there was one that was selling her home wares - like a yard sale! At at parade. She had sheets for sale and old tupperware containers and maybe even some socks at unbeatable prices. Can't say I've ever seen that.

You just can't beat small town parades. There was actually a mermaid smoking a cigarrette and drinking at beer at the end of the parade. I guess her ride through town on the float was too much and she needed a drag.

Doug and I felt a little out of place as everyone knew everyone else. But you gotta get involved, right? There were a lot of motorcycles which was another thing that struck me as odd. I don't know why. Maybe because this festival is something I'd never heard of, but a bunch of bikers had? Who knows.

#9 - I'm thankful for mullets because they bring a smile to everyone's face.


Dawn said...

Just think of the great stories you'll have to share on this blog! ;)

Queen Mimi said...

First of all....I must say....
Shame on you and your Wandering Mind. Swallow Queen!?!
Oh, maybe it was MY mind. Ooops.
Ok, on to better things. I'm glad your back. I miss you much. I'm going to miss you even more when you're gone to "That" side of the river. I did have a question though:
Do you Know the Mullet Man?

Delena said...

No, I do not know the mullet man. I should have made a note that he is NOT my husband, nor is he even an acquaintance!

Phil said...

That seems like a large town to me. I grew up in a town that didnt even have a parade. But we did have candy, and we could almost throw the candy from one side of town to the other.
If you live in that small town long enough Mullet Man will become an acquaintance whether you like it or not, sorry.

Queen Mimi said...

Hey, Who's Phil?
does he live on Drury Lane?

Melissa said...

OMG. I don't even know what to say about the mullet-man....I thought it was Doug when I just glanced. (SORRY DOUG!)

I love the plastic picnic cup filled with who=knows=what at 11:00a.m. :)

But you know, amidst the hokiness is a quaint kind of kinship, don't you think? Maybe that's just the little weirdo deep inside me. :)

Queen Mimi said...

I thought it was Doug also, but then I looked again and I thought it was Tonya's Husband "Chad".
My Bad.

Miss said...

oh mullets...that is just too good! =)

Miss said...

oh mullets...that is just too good! =)