Sunday, April 6, 2008

Brooklyn's day out

This is Brooklyn and me at Shari's. Yesterday I took Brooklyn out for the morning. We headed out early for breakfast. I let her get whatever she wanted even though it was loaded with sugar and whipped cream and sprinkles! At breakfast! She had a french toast creation that looked soooo yummy and hot chocolate with more whipped cream.
Brooklyn was eager to get going when I woke her up. We actually were gone long before I had planned. I told her the day before, but I warned her not to brag about her upcoming experience - even though they all get a time out alone - I didn't want to ignite any jealous upset. She did such a good job and would whisper to me about her excitement. The night before, she whispered to me "don't forget about tomorrow." As if!
After our breakfast, we went to Walgreens. Okay, so with the next round of dates with the kids I'm going to try not to run errands, but where the heck do you go on a cold Saturday morning at eight a.m.? So, we bought some cough syrup and Brooklyn got to pick out a coloring book and a new set of crayons and markers. At our house, the markers seem to lose their hats and the crayons break. We bought both because I had an epiphany! I'm going to make a special bag to keep in my car full of little special things to play with for when we are out somewhere and they need to be diverted and entertained. I know, its only taken me 6 years to figure that one out! A new coloring book does wonders.
Then I took her to meet my friend Kelly who was in town. It was such fun to visit with Kelly. She's a friend I met about 10 years ago. She's so funny and interesting. We met at Starbucks which is Brooklyn's favorite place.
We were done with our day by 10 and had already spent a good four hours together! That Brooklyn is such fun to be with. She's quite the talker and she has such an imagination that there's never a dull or quiet moment. She reminds me so much of the little girl I would be now if I was a little girl (make sense?) I don't remember being like her when I was a kid, but she's me in a smaller body. She loves the spotlight (something I'm growing out of more and more....really). She loves a good time. She is so funny. Doug and I are always catching eachother's eyes and laughing about things she's doing. Oh, I could just sit back and watch her! Who needs TV when you have Brooklyn! Here's a picture she took of herself.
#7 - I'm thankful for my favorite oldest daughter and all that she is.
#8 - I'm thankful that she may be short, but great things come in small packages.


Miss said...

she is adorable! (and so are you btw!!)
I love dates with my kids...although, the long winter of MN has been making them harder and harder to be creative. We do Caribou ALOT !=)

Melissa said...

D--I love that you take the time for special 1-1 dates. I need to start doing that. What special memories each of your kiddos will have.

Dawn said...

I loved reading about your day with Brooklyn. You two are both so cute!