Monday, April 28, 2008

Bad Day

This is what we found on our patio chair yesterday morning. Belly up. Eyes still wide open. Feet up in the air. Poor little birdie. My windows must be sooo clean.


Dawn said...

That's such a beautiful bird, even if it is dead. That would have bothered me quite a lot also- sorry it was a bad day.

Queen Mimi said...

I feel SOOOOO Bad Delena! I mean I Feel SOOOOOOO Bad cause I think this picture is kind of Funny. In a sick and twisted way of course. I would have just been sad and creeped out by the dead bird. But then you wrote the part about how clean your windows must be. Now That's funny right thur..I don't care WHO you are.
(not about your clean windows...cause I'm sure they ARE clean...just the whole pun intended)

Wentworth Family Blog said...

If it was a bad day for you just think how bad it was for that poor bird. Hope things get better!

Miss said...


I never have dead birds around my house...that would be b.c I never have clean windows!! =)