Sunday, April 27, 2008

Brother Ryan

My crazy brother came over for the weekend to help set up our new office. He's the techy in the family and understands all that computer stuff. He was tons of help (Thank you Ryan) and is always tons of fun. And he's way nicer as an adult than he was when we were kids... :)
I found out that his wife reads my blogs sometimes (Hi Andrea) which is really exciting to me for some strange reason. She's been a great addition to the family - actually, she's kind of a fixture. Its been a good 15 years, I think. Wow, I've known them married longer than I've known them not married. That's weird.
Anywho, I had to get a picture of the hair this morning because right after his shower it was sticking straight up all around - think porcupine. Just for the record, he does not wear it like this all the time.

#10 I'm thankful for hair products that make our hair do what its supposed to do.

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