Saturday, July 26, 2008

Had a great time

I thoroughly enjoyed my trip to North Bend. My MIL and SIL are my kind of shoppers. No "I think I want to look inside this store even though I have no intent of buying anything. Oh, and I'm going to peruse every book, read every card and try to find a stuffed armadillo for my great neice."

We arrived with a plan - head to the Dress Barn! As a little note, I swore I would NEVER shop at a place that has the name barn in it. But to the credit of the Dress Barn, I really like a lot of their clothes. Tracy, the SIL, had her new Baby Aspen with her and just so happened to forget her carrier, so the plan was diverted slightly as we had to stop by Carter's to see if they might have an umbrella stroller. No stroller but LOTS OF KID CLOTHES!!!! Our favorite. It took us about 20 minutes to overload ourselves with outfits for all four kids. Boy, was that fun!

The MIL found a stroller next door at the toy store, so with that out of the way we could finally shop! As if there was any $$ left after Carter's. On the way to the DB, we got sidetracked at a kitchen store. Now that is where I can go crazy! I love all the gadgets. If I had unlimited space, I would surely try to fill it up with all kinds of gizmos that I would indeed use. I'm trying not to buy stuff that I won't use/don't need, so that makes it easier to go into such stores. I did, however, find a magnetic spice rack that attaches to the inside of my cupboard door. And it was on sale! I've been looking for this very item for quite some time so I was super thrilled. I wish my camera's battery was charged because I already have it hung up and all my spices in the containers and alphabetized. Love it!

Finally.....we arrived at the barn. Found some great outfits that I LOVE! Very happy. We stopped at a couple of other stores, made the mandatory fudge shop stop, and hit the road with the little Subaru trunk stuffed to the gillies with bags (it's a small car but stuffed nonetheless). I had a great time bonding with the girls. It made me want to take the kids school shopping which is kind of funny because they only go to school once a week.


Dawn said...

I want one of those spice racks like you got. I love that you alphabetized your spices ;) You're my kind of gal. Sounds like a great trip.

Valarie said...

I LOVe outlet shopping. My sister and I are BIG TIME shoppers, too. It's theraputic, really.

Melissa said...

That spice rack sounds awesome. I'm glad you ladies had fun!

Queen Mimi said...

I love to have my spices alphabetical. They are not all that way at this moment. Now I can't stop thinking about it. The last few new tops I bought were from Dress Barn. Wonder what the odds are that when I show up at church on Sunday, I'm going to be wearing a top you bought?
Hmm...just a thought.