Monday, July 7, 2008

I knew I wasn't feeling well.....

So all weekend I've felt under the weather. (I know, what a boring thing to blog about) Its progressively gotten worse to the point where it was too much effort to even answer Doug when he asked how I was feeling. I thought I might have strep because of the petrie dish growing in the back of my mouth. Then last night I was pretty sure I was going to die. My pulse was 130 and my temp was 102.5! Even the sheets were hot (and not in the good way!). I never get fevers. My body's idea of a fever is about 98.9, so I knew something was up. And then today it happened again! So I went to the walk in. No strep throat. Pneumonia! I have pneumonia! I could hardly beleive it. In a way I was sort of releived because then at least I knew I wasn't being a sissy. I have an excuse for feeling oh so miserable. And slightly short of breath.

So now when I'm not sleeping, I'm checking everyone's blogs and even scanning through and reading random blogs I find. There are some pretty interesting ones out there. For example, at about 1 am last night I stumbled upon one of a very pretty young lady with a beautiful family, a gorgeous blog page and TERRIBLE spelling! I had to keep reading it because I was so amazed at how awful the spelling really was. (Now I'm probably giving everyone a complex about their spelling) She used the word "their" to mean there, they're and their. And she spelled "our" a-r-e every time! Oh, and get this - there were no periods or capital letters. Just a bunch of run on sentences. I shouldn't be so hard on her. I'm told you're either a good speller or you're not - but come on! Use some punctuation!!!!!!!(intentional overkill right there)

That's all for my ramblings. I really hope there aren't any major spelling errors on this post.... ;)


Dawn said... poor girl! That's horrible! I don't think anyone thought you were a sissy. I'm just glad you went to the clinic. Take care!
Now...I'm going to go and look through this post for spelling errors! ;) Yesterday I used the wrong form of a word on a comment I left on another lady's blog, and she's an editor! It was too late to fix and I was so embarrassed.

Melissa said...

wut is rong wif bad speling? Dont bee meen. :) I hope you're feeling better...that totally sucks! Ummm..maybe don't come over to price yard sale stuff. :) Kidding...when/if you're up for it, I'll be here! I'll call you soon.

Chad the Chicken said...

Delena!!! ewe got newmonia?!? HAHA! just kidding, i do nohow too spellit! its knewmonea right?

Sorry you got the crud, I'll be praying for you. Want me to bring you up a milkshake? I will. I'll get one out of that dingbat at Rusty's if it's the last thing I do!

Queen Mimi said...

Awww Delena!! I am Sew Sorry. I never thinc that you're beening a Sissy. I am glad that yew Went too the Docter. I wish I dident have to work or I woould come and see you i don't know why this comment thing does not have spell checker on it eithgter. I have always wondreded that. I am a good speeller so I don't have to worry too much. Thanks Goodness!
I see that all of our freinds are good Spellers too!!!!
I Love you Bud.