Saturday, July 5, 2008

All I wanted was a milkshake

For the past few days, I have been SUFFERING with whatever bug my kids had for the ten days prior. My throat is covered with white pus, my right lymph node is super swollen, and there is something so grotesque growing in the back of my throat that it makes my stomach kind of quesy when I swallow because I taste whatever it is. I keep asking Doug to smell my breath to see if he can smell what I'm tasting. Its so disgusting. I've been chilling and sweating and chilling and sweating, and yes I'm complaining and you should feel really bad for me.
Tonight, I finally felt like eating (I've harldy eaten for three days! That qualifies as an emergency in our house). I even felt well enough to drive to the burger joint downtown (Rusty's) to get milkshakes. Its probably less than a mile from where I live, so there's no need to grab my license, right. What could possibly go wrong.
And then the mean lady says she MUST see some PHOTO ID! She's had "four fraudulent checks just this month" (WHATEVER! I totally didn't beleive that one! Its only the 5th!) I tried to charm my way out of it and I told her I knew my license number by heart. No budging. I'm still really pissed off! I just might not ever go there again. Take that!

#14 I'm thankful that I'm well enough now to complain. Must be getting back to normal.


Dawn said...

You've got connections... a well established family in that community! You could have said, "Don't you know who I am?" Your last name should be enough! ;) I'm glad you're feeling a little better...tell that husband of yours that you need to be spoiled rotten until you're healthy again (milkshakes, chocolates, whatever it takes).

Chad the Chicken said...

That dumb broad! I'm sure. JUST GIVE ME THE BLASTED MILKSHAKE!!!!!!