Wednesday, July 30, 2008

Its a girl!

My sister found out yesterday she's having a girl in December. Secretly I was kind of hoping for a boy for my own selfish reasons because my little Ty needs another boy cousin that's close by to play with. But, I suppose we (me and Ty) will survive with another baby girl to dress up in the incredibly adorable clothes! Now we can dress Zoe and baby Delena (just throwing that out there for name suggestions) in matching little dresses and such.

And now we sit back and wait for December 17th.....


Melissa said...

yay for baby girls! You're so lucky to be around babies....we're the end of the line on both sides of the family!

Dawn said...

That's so exciting! If Ty wants a boy cousin...I'm sure Trent would happily fill that role.

Chad the Chicken said...

Hahaha!! "Baby Delena" LOL! Well, if you and Dawn would start praying fervently for me in finding my wife - wherever she is - then I could have a boy for Ty to cousin with. Yes, I will have a boy.

Queen Mimi said...

I think you should do a Baby Girl Name Poll:
my options:
1) Christina Maas (you can call her Chrissy Maas) LOL of course, not to confuse her with her Mom Kristen...oh well.
2) Noel Maas (your idea, but call her NO in No more) LOL
killing myself here.
3)Holly. I just like that one. No funny pun. Just a Tribute to a December Birthday
Tell Kristen Congrats from me!

Julie said...

Delena, Dec. 17th is my oldest, Emily's birthday - great day to have a little girl :) Congrats!