Monday, July 21, 2008

Our Little Village

Not to be outdone by Supermom Dawn who is always making little fairly lands, I made a little village today for the kids. It was actually an excuse to get them to play outside. The girls can sit for HOURS playing with their little figurines. And Ty needed something to do. So I made little TeePee houses tied together with vines found around the yard and then covered in leaves and grasses. After today, I think I could make it in the woods if I got lost - on a very warm, dry, short summer night....with a full backpack, a knife and a sleeping bag. Survivor Man would be so impressed.

Yes, that is Snow White, the abominable snowman, and I think Mrs. Claus under a skull cap roof. Oh, and My Little Pony came over for a visit below. Beat that, Dawn!


Dawn said...

If you only knew Delena...YOU'RE the one I try to emulate! You know I'm going to show these photos to Grace and Trent in the hope that they'll go outside and make a cool village like that...maybe keep them busy for awhile. ;)
Are you in your new house? I've missed you lately.

Chad the Chicken said...

Good job Delena! You should send it in to Martha Stewart!

No, seriously, I want a wife like you and Dawn. Don't you guys have twin sisters or something?

Miss said...

What a GREAT idea!!! I love it! youre such a good mom!

Melissa said...

Oh my goodnes....I was totally copying Dawn today too with little fairies in their tomato cage houses. :) I love the little village people group---very diverse!